My approach to painting involves an exploration of color, movement, depth and contrast. My style is spontaneous and instinctive. I allow the dynamics of color to flow naturally in an uninterrupted movement that evokes harmony and balance. My intention is to share a heart-felt energy and evoke an emotional reaction that has a positive impact for the viewer. It pleases me that owners of my work remark about how they feel a connection with their piece, that it soothes them. My major source of inspiration is nature and spirituality; however, not as much in a literal sense as in delving into my innate connection to the divine beauty, love and light.


Born in Taranto, Italy, Cosima Aryee immigrated to Chicago at the age of twelve. After high school she served in the U.S. Army and then attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. She earned a BFA with a double major in painting and drawing.   Prior to becoming a full-time artist she enjoyed a successful career in graphic design. 

Her work has been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions across Lake County including a solo exhibition at the Round Lake Beach Cultural Center and the KINGSLEY + GINNODO gallery space. In Lake County, Cosima’s work has been shown at the Old McHenry Courthouse Art Center, at the David Adler’s Music and Arts Center, the Highland Park City Hall, Robert T. Wright Gallery of Art and the Dandelion Gallery. 

Cosima captures the atmospheric sensations and wonder of the natural world and mystical space in alluring abstract works of art. She imbues her work with a keen sense of dimension and illumination. Her main source of inspiration is nature and spirituality but not in a literal sense as much as in a tapping into one’s innate connection to the divine beauty, love and light. Her paintings show a fierce, unapologetic journey into discovering the great mystery of our humanity and the artist’s creative calling. Cosima’s warm and thoughtful personality breathes life into her paintings and contributes to the emotional and intellectual engagement that occurs with each viewing. The paintings feel alive and indicative of a thoughtful process of a willingness to take chances.